Gavin Rowbottom - Tattoo Artist

UK Tattooist Gavin Rowbottom at work.

I have been tattooing since the late 1990's and I've always been into art, I can remember drawing motorways and cars as a child. Art was always my enjoyment at school and I was lucky enough to follow it through to degree level.

It wasn't until my love of music took me to regularly see bands like New Model Army that I became exposed to a group of tattooed people and I loved the inked trophies.

I wanted to join in on the fun and I can remember the adrenalin and excitement of getting my first tattoo piece in 1991 at Spike's in Wolverhampton. After collecting more work and much persuasion from my friends I decided to give tattooing a go and was lucky enough to meet Ken Bate in Great Bridge who helped with my apprenticeship and encouragement as a friend.

The opportunity came to work at Feline Tattoo in 2000. I enjoy working with this group of creative, passionate and funny people. I like many different styles within my work from freehand tribal to portraits and crazy imagery. I love the challenge and to be as creative as possible. And I really love it when my customers get involved in their designs and the pleasure that a personal piece of artwork brings to them.


You can find examples of my work on our facebook page